I realized that many clients with diverse professions, backgrounds, interests and different stages of life were unconsciously unaware of their motives and unknowingly sought out BDSM to become empowered, heal traumas, blockages, sexual or various life issues through the explorations in attempts to overcome their issues and to reclaim their life.

Based on my experience as a dominatrix and sex expert I know that there is a great need for my help and guidance on a larger scale beyond BDSM, fetish kink session(s). If you give it some thought, the way we approach sex is the way we approach life. Being able to dive deep into our own sexual self-expression during kink sessions helps to deepen our intimate relationships therefore we are able to open ourselves more fully to self knowledge, which leads to self-growth and an overall enriched life that extends in our family life, friends and co-worker relationships. To be able to consciously break through your sexual barriers ultimately leads to breaking through many different obstacles that are preventing you from living an overall balanced and well-rounded fulfilling life. 

I’m now making myself accessible to those who find themselves stuck and in need of guidance beyond a kink session and/or to those who continue to sit on the fence being they are unsure if a BDSM session is right for them. In some cases it may not be right for you and what you’re really in search for is a sex coaching session, which improves your overall life so why wouldn’t you follow through? You’re worth the investment!

Sex coaching is highly personalized for each client and my comprehensive tool kit, skills and knowledge are at your disposal by booking a session here: