Dominique Domme

I enjoy taking on beginners or experienced submissives, masochists and fetishists of all experience levels. I never plan domination sessions as I believe that the best domination sessions happen when it is spontaneous and in the moment. I will direct you into a kinky domination scene as I see fit for you, based on your interests and limits. Your boundaries will be pushed safely and comfortably; your fantasies, cravings and curiosities will be uncovered, explored fulfilled and satisfied.

Break through your sexual barriers by booking your domination sessions today!

Ball Busting
Ball Gags
Ball Slapping
Ball Stretching
Breath Play
Cock Tease
Cock Torture
Corporal Punishment
Cross Dressing
Electrical Play
Erotic Hypnosis
Face Sitting
Face Slapping
Foot/Boot Worship
Gas Mask/Bubbler
Golden Showers
Hair Pulling
Human Furniture
Ice Play
Impact Play
Interrogation Fantasies
Masturbation Instruction
Mouth Gags
Nipple Tease
Nipple Torture
Orgasm Denial
Pony Play
Prostate Tantric Milking
Role Play
Ruined Orgasm
Sensation Play
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Domination
Slut Training
Small Cock Humiliation
Strap-On Play
Tease & Denial
Venus Milking Machine
Violet Wand
Wax Play

“The only way to rid temptation is to yield to it” – Oscar Wilde

Mutual respect is necessity in all sessions. It is expected and respected.

All sessions require a level of trust, a leap of faith and respecting both My/your limits for a successful session to unfold.   My limits are clearly listed regarding the things that are NOT offered which are Escort Services, Assisted Releases, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Intercourse, Cuckolding, Body Worship, Anal Worship, Oral Worship, Brown Showers, Blood Play, Filming or Clips For Sale. 

I offer two different styles of domination. Basic kink sessions, which is just an act of kink play (OR) a conscious kink session for those who want to dive deeper in a session. Which means I dive deep into your thoughts, feelings, and emotions during a session so you can experience, self-awareness, self-growth and healing from our session. Many people feel a sense of transformation and empowerment after this type of session.

If you give it some thought the way we approach sex is the way we approach life. Through this type of play we are able to open ourselves more fully to self-knowledge, which leads to self-growth. Rather then in some “basic kink sessions” where one acts out in a destructive and unconsciousness way. To be consciousness in a kink session allows for you to have fun while you explore your sexual expression in a safe mindful way. Consciously breaking through your sexual barriers ultimately leads to breaking through many different barriers in your life so you can live life more fully.

All sessions offered are “basic kink sessions” unless you personally express that you want to delve deeper into your own self-growth and in this case the experience would be slightly different.

I have an extensive list of interests that I offer and enjoy as long as you are able to have fun, let go and surrender yourself to the experience. This means I do not have a preference to anything listed above. I enjoy everything that I specialize in.

For those who are confused being some professionals in My industry facilitate more then one profession. I am a Dominatrix. Not an escort, nor am I a BDSM/fetish porn star or a smut film producer. If a professional crossovers into multiple professions it would be clearly advertised on their website. Even though all of these professions are sexual in nature they’re completely different from one another and so are the experiences. If you want to explore a combination of these different professions in a session there is nothing wrong with that. In that case I recommend that you take the time to find the right facilitator for you and what you want to experience.

“He who hesitates is a damned fool” – Mae West

I will tease you, taunt you, and wrap you around my finger.
I will take you places; nice places, naughty places.
Places you have never imagined before.
You’ve come here because you have a craving.
Now, what are you going to do about it?